STOP Gardnerscape!

Speaking from experience and the voice of partners in business. We often find ourselves problem solving what we call gardenerscaping. We understand in a crunch homeowners often look to the quick readily available for fixes like gardeners. But, we often find that this will cost homeowners more money in the long run. Things we like...
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California Turf Removal Rebate Program

In April 2015, the governor of California issued a mandatory water reduction state wide. With the new water restrictions in place it is costly to keep a turf grass lawn. Turf grass consumes around 80% of a households water usage and requires a ton of maintenance. By switching to drought tolerant landscaping you can reduce...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Landscaping

There are two kinds of yards. Ones with gardens that make you feel at peace with the world, all elements harmonizing happily. And then there are the rest… those that are jarring, chaotic and look for all the world like a dog’s breakfast. You want the first kind. To achieve balance and harmony in landscaping,...
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Why is Landscaping good?

Homeowners across the country are finding there’s more to a well-landscaped yard than that simple bit of curb appeal. After all, well-manicured hedges and strategically placed trees often add to a home’s resale value and reduce utility costs for the family that moves in. Just ask Wilma Michaels, who discovered that by planting two maple...
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Make more time to enjoy your lawn and your life this fall: don’t rake your leaves!

Leaf raking is an aesthetic choice. Leaf raking has evolved with the development of suburban lifestyles and the habit of growing carpet-green lawns. Leaf raking is not necessary! There is no reason to rake leaves unless you are collecting them to use in a compost pile or as mulch underneath trees and shrubs or around...
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Landscaping Tips

Soil quality and preparation are required steps in planting grass seed for a completely new lawn. Begin by taking out the existing vegetation. Use a non-selective herbicide like gylphosphate (Round-Up) to get rid of weeds that can be growing. The weeds mustn’t be moisture stressed while they are sprayed because surprisingly, a green, healthy, growing...
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